TCD Structure Office Bearers

  1. There shall be the following office Bearers of the Tanzania Center for Democracy, who shall constitute the leadership of the TCD.
  2. The leadership shall consist of:
    • The Chairman of TCD
    • The Vice Chairman of TCD
    • The Executive Director
  3. The Chairman shall be elected by the SUMMIT from among the Heads of Partner Political Parties, which are full members of TCD at their first ordinary meeting following the Presidential and Parliamentary General Elections, and shall hold office for a period of one year.
  4. The elections shall be on the basis of the alphabetical order of the names or acronyms of the respective Partner Political Parties.
  5. The Vice Chairman shall be the Head of that Party which is next in alphabetical order, and shall become the next Chairman of TCD after the term of office of the incumbent Chairman expires.

Office Bearers

Edna Sangai
Office Management Secretary