TCD Structure The Summit

The SUMMIT shall consist of the following members:

  1. The Chairman/President of each Partner Political Party.
  2. The Vice Chairman/President of each partner Political Party.
  3. The Secretary General of each Partner Political Parties.
  4. The Executive Director, who shall be the Secretary to the SUMMIT.

Without limiting the generality of its powers and functions, the SUMMIT shall:

  1. Deliberate and decide on all matters relating to the implementation of the objectives of the TCD.
  2. Appoint the External Auditors.
  3. Consider and approve the audited accounts.
  4. Consider and approve the annual budget of TCD, and any supplementary budgets, that may be proposed.
  5. Consider quarterly progress reports.
  6. Consider and approve strategic and annual plans of TCD.

Meetings of the SUMMIT

  1. The SUMMIT shall meet at least once in every three Calendar months, but may hold extraordinary meetings as may be necessary and called by the Chairman; or at the request of a simple majority of all the voting members of the SUMMIT.
  2. Meetings of the SUMMIT shall be held at the Headquarters of the TCD, but may be held at such other place as the Chairman shall decide, upon the recommendation of the Technical Committee.
  3. The quorum for any meeting of the SUMMIT shall be a simple majority of all the full members of TCD. Associate Members shall not be included in determining the quorum.
  4. The decision of the SUMMIT shall normally be by consensus. Provided that any member who wishes to express his dissent from the decision of the majority, shall have the right to do so, and such dissent shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.
  5. The SUMMIT shall determine its own RULES OF PROCEDURE regarding the convening of its meetings; the conduct of business in such meetings, and the recording of its proceedings.
  6. The SUMMIT may appoint such committees as may be deemed necessary for better performance of the functions of TCD.

The Summit Members


Hon. Prof. Ibrahim Lipumba
Chairman TCD and Civic United Front (CUF), National Chairman
Hon. Haji Ambar Khamis
NCCR Mageuzi Chairman
Vice Chairman


Hon. Freeman Mbowe
Chadema National Chairman
Hon. Juma Duni Haji
ACT- Wazalendo Chairman
Hon. Zitto kabwe
ACT- Wazalendo Party Leader
Hon. Abdulrahman Kinana
Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Vice Chairman.
Hon. Joseph Roman Selasini
Vice Chairman - NCCR Mageuzi
Hon. Maftaha Nachuma
Vice Chairman, CUF
Hon. Said Issa Mohamed
Vice Chairman (Zanzibar), CHADEMA
Hon. Ado Shaibu
ACT- Wazalendo General Secretary
Hon. Daniel Chongolo
CCMs Secretary General
Hon. Hamad Masoud Hamad
CUF Secretary General
Hon. John Mnyika
CHADEMA Secretary General (Mainland Tanzania)
Hon. Martha Chiomba
General Secretary, NCCR Mageuzi