Our Work Democracy Promotion

The following main activities will guide our annual plans. Each year, we will specify the activities to be implemented towards our outcomes:

  1.  Promoting political tolerance: In the short run through resolving tensions and conflicts within and between political parties and in the long run through promotion of democratic values and principles at all levels.

  2. Conducting research to understand and enhance the situation of democracy in Tanzania with particular attention on citizens’ views and experiences.

  3. Organizing dialogue events at the national and sub-national level involving different stakeholders.

  4. Building the capacity of partner political partners: gender and social inclusion; media engagement; conflict resolution; financial management and fund raising; leadership and diplomacy.

  5. Promoting and protecting supportive policy and legislative environment through legal analysis and literacy and advocacy.

  6. Engaging the public to promote democracy, constitutionalism and rule of law through dialogue events, partnering with CSOs and media engagement.

  7. Strengthening TCD’s institutional capacity.