Youth in the country have been urged to be tolerant and uphold mutual respect as well as having a common agenda for strengthening democracy in the co

The Tanzania Centre for Democracy (TCD) Vice Chairman and Civic United Front National (CUF) Chairman Professor Ibrahim Lipumba said democracy was not brought by interlopers but it is part of Tanzania, it builds and strengthens the future of the country.

Prof. Lipumba was speaking on Wednesday during the launch of a political parties youth dialogue forum aimed at creating political stability among the future generations.

“It is critical that youth maintain a seat at the table and that their voices are heard. Youth must play part in decision-making process on the issues that will eventually affect society, because youth are vital to
our future,” Prof. Lipumba insisted.

He noted that, the forum members have to be ready to learn from other political parties outside Tanzania and see how they operate and conduct their political activities.

Mr Lipumba said, the future generation is expected to bring changes not only in the political sector but also in all development sectors.

“Young people help to make a difference in development and this change can come with the presence of better infrastructure that can catalyze changes, ” he explained.

Mr Lipumba called on the chairperson of the forum to make sure that the forum was a part of the process of preparing the new constitution of the country.

He noted that there was a need for the forum members to learn on how to come up with constructive arguments for the good of the nation as well as bringing cooperation among political parties to promote sparkling democracy.

The Political Unit Chief from US Embassy Ms Kristin Mencer said her country was committed to democracy in making sure they strengthen youth in having a common voice and freedom of expression on political issues
as well as promoting peace and justice among themselves and the government.

“The US is committed to democracy…that is why all over the world, and here in Tanzania, we collaborate with partners like TCD, to ensure that democracy is strengthened, and that all citizens particularly the youth have a voice and a choice of who will lead them for freedom, justice, peace and trust, and through the upcoming electoral cycle,” she emphasized.

She said the interest lies in a prosperous, healthy and democratic Tanzania that is an important partner of the United States in this region.

“We continue to strive to achieve these goals and our diplomatic engagement around the world is rooted in our most cherished democratic values which include defending freedom, championing opportunity, upholding universal rights, respecting the rule of law, and treating every person with dignity” she explained.

Recently, the U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, during her historic visit to Tanzania, emphasized that “the United States will continue to work alongside the democratic aspirations, in particular, the people of this continent”